Visual Inspection and Non-destructive Testing (NDT)


From remote offshore oil platforms to onshore plant boilers, Rope Access Inspection is a sure way to create safe, cost-effective, and time-sensitive solutions to ensure that your NDT needs are met.

Non-destructive testing (NDT), also called Non-destructive evaluation (NDE), are commonly used processes utilized to confirm structural integrity, identify defects, and recognize compromised or damaged components in industrial systems. By integrating Industrial Rope Access with NDT/NDE, we can arrive on site and immediately access the work locations, eliminating countless hours lost setting up scaffolding or other traditional access. We can save you costly downtime, as well as provide you the detailed, professional inspections you need to keep your facility up and running. In some cases, you can avoid the necessity of disabling your system altogether while we conduct the inspections.

After our data is collected, JUNP will provide you detailed inspection reports, analysis, and consultation as requested. After each operation, JUNP will edit a final picture report including recommendations, CCTV recording can also be an option.


Qualified, Certified Experience

As Safety and risk management are our priority, JUNP uses only qualified and competent tradesman who are trained to IRATA Standards for Industrial Rope Access. Our teams are also certified INSB for Thickness Measurements of Hull structure. This helps us to consistently achieve the highest level of competency in what is the safest method of access.
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